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Breezing Internet Communications combines effective and professional design; powerful and fully featured programming; and high speed web hosting to create websites that become powerful tools for your business.Breezing Content Management System - Cold Fusion

The Internet is the future of business; Breezing can help you see how you fit in that future. We make sure that your website is an easy-to-use tool, so you can focus on what your business does.

Web Hosting 

Our web hosting includes automatic backup of all web pages as well as our databases. We have experience hosting websites on both Windows and Linux. If you need more technical specifications about our hosting, please contact us.

Our Design Philosophy

When all a customer has to judge a company by is their website, they're going to judge the company by how good their website looks. Customers want websites to respond quickly, to be easy to navigate, to have relevant content, and to display that content in a meaningful way. Our goal is to make websites where the design doesn't get in the way. We strive to balance visual appeal with visual simplicity.

Web Standards

We believe very strongly in web standards, which is why sites we now build are checked against the W3C's guidelines. We also try to make websites as accessible as possible to those with disabilities. If your website needs or wants to comply with web accessibility guidelines, such as WAI or Section 508, Breezing can make sure that your website complies fully.